Forrest Hansen Millikin

Estote Parati

Estote Parati, a motto of the Jesuits, and its translation "be prepared," the motto of the Boy Scouts of America have always been significant for Mr. Millikin. As an Eagle Scout, and a lawyer trained at Loyola University, Chicago's Jesuit law school, it resonates both with his personal and professional views. Being prepared to assist and represent clients in all aspects of their legal needs has been one of the central motivating factors in Mr. Millikin's desire to establish his own practice.

Additionally, Mr. Millikin wanted to utilize changes in technology to provide the most effective legal counsel. Empowered by resources unlike others in the legal arena, Mr. Millikin is able to receive and respond to communications, perform immediate research, and provide necessary counsel regardless of time or location. An innovative legal practice founded on excellence, control, transparency and efficiency, Mr. Millikin uses a plethora of communication tools to provide optimum representation, while running a "paperless office" reducing waste and simultaneously improving office organization and file retention.